The story of ILGA

Anyone can make delicious food.But, when it comes to food for family,
taste, care and cleanliness are fundamentals. ILGAJIP makes all food
in sanitary facilities with long know-how and honest heart.

Since 1982
‘Jeong- Do(Right way)’ management
All products obtained the HACCP certification
from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Thinking new food means thinking taste and care.
ILGAJIP will continue to think Korean food culture.

Ingredients for Gimbap (a rice roll in dried laver)
such as sweet pickled radish and burdock
Various side dishes such as pickles, radish
wrap and packaged side dishes
Cooking products for rice balls and Gimbap sets

ILGAJIP pursues love and trust of customers always
with the original intention even with No. 1 title at home as
the best food dosen’t come from the biggest kitchen.

No. 1 domestic market share (in pickled food and packaged side dishes)
No. 1 biggest factory of pickled food and side dishes at home