Core Competency

Buying raw materials through contract farming

Safety of trade : supply raw materials through contract farming
with farmers(based on raw radish/ around 5 million guan(3.75 kg)
Uniformity of quality : secure uniform quality of products
beginning from selecting seeds strictly

Systematic production management

HACCP : sweet pickled radish / radish wrap / side dishes obtained
HACCP certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Automated line : established the biggest automated
facility at home in pickled food

Logistics infrastructure

Storage management: refrigerated facility
(No.1,2,3 refrigerators of the size of 300 pyeong which systematically manages all products
by lot on first-in first -out method + low temperature warehouse of the size of 240 pyeong)
Equipped with its own or 3PL logistics system which can make
a 1-day delivery to all customer companies nationwide

Various sales route

Discount stores / Supermarket chains / companies specializing in foodstuffs
Nationwide agencies: : around 90 agencies around
the country and commissioned agencies