Social Contribution

Following the philosophy of the Chairman, Oh Young-cheol,
“the profit of a company should be given back to the society”,ILMI is growing into “a good and respectable company”
through various social contribution activities with“the mind of always sharing with the society”.’
The “Happiness Sharing” ’ activities of ILMI A&F in effort to make a world based on sharing will continue in the future.

The Chairman, Oh Young-cheolbecame a member of the “ Honor Society”,
a group of donors of more than 100 million won. Actively participating
in donation culture, we have carried out happiness sharing activities
by supporting and donating for marginalized people, volunteer organizations,
sports organization and education organizations for several decades.

We participate in donation culture with pleasure with the belief that
donation culture will make our society brighter.

ILMI A&F shares warm affection by providing heating expenses,
living expenses and living necessities etc. on New year, Thanksgiving Day and
the end of year regularly every year such as visiting welfare facilities.

For households without money for heating in winter, ILMI Agriculture &
Fishery shares warm heart with neighbors by delivering briquets.

ILMI A&F sets an example of practicing love for neighbors
by visiting local volunteer centers, child welfare centers and elderly welfare centers etc.

ILMI A&F have delivered foodstuffs
like sweet pickled radish and side dish along with donation money for
marginalized people with difficulties of livelihood and mobility

ILMI A&F have delivered scholarship to the
alumni association of Korea University and other education
organizations to provide help in identifying and cultivating students
who will grow into future leaders.