Cleaning Process

a process of cleaning pickled radish with tap water

placing into a cleaning machine

Peeling and Selecting Process

a process of removing the skin of radish and remaining impurities and then selecting raw materials according to use

selecting raw materials according to the use of products
peeling work of cleaned radish

Desalinating Process

a process of desalinating pickled radish several times to maintain the appropriate level of salinity

1st. Desalinating process
2nd. Desalinating process

Seasoning Making Process

a process of making seasoning to season sweet pickled radish with sweat and sour taste
(produced using an automatic mixer after adding additives to purified water)

seasoning producing room

Seasoning Ripening Process

a process to season sweet pickled radish by ripening it for a certain period afterfilling it with the seasoning
(stir the sweet pickled radishseveral times up and down for the period of seasoning ripening to produce even taste)

seasoning ripening tank
stirring process during seasoning ripening

Cutting Process

a process to slice the seasoned and ripened radish according to the size of products

cutting process for Gimbap and its likes

Inside Packaging Process

a process to package the sliced radish with an automatic packaging machine
(2nd filling of seasoning at the time of inside packaging)

filling in the container
packaging process using an automatic packaging machine

Outside Packaging Process

a process to package outside and band after inspecting the product complete with inside package

inspection operation
banding operation

Storing and Shipping Process

company’s refrigerated warehouse
delivery truck waiting for shipping